Sunday, August 5, 2007

Perfectly Planned Proposal...

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Though none of the Shell Shackers can claim to be the recipient of a perfect proposal (yet)...we were thrilled to be co-conspirators in a perfect proposal last weekend! Like most great proposals, the true author of the idea came straight from the master-mind himself---some have referred to him as the "ultimate bachelor", while others prefer "Italian Stallion" me, he is simply and endearingly "brother."

Yep--for those who haven't heard yet, Tim PROPOSED! And Debra said YES! But like all good proposals, you gotta here the story behind the proposal. Check out their blog if you want to hear their "gah-gah" version....but read on to see how the Shell Shackers fit into the story...after all, why would you be reading our blog if you didn't want to read about US!!?
Roughly 44 hours before the day of romance was to begin, Tim let me in on the secret and his plans to have a perfectly romantic day planned out for him & Debra to enjoy in Big Sur area. He had the locations and details all in his head...and he wanted me to help set up the romantic spots in advance. Of course, I couldn't do this all alone, so I recruited my most trusted event planning partners--my roommates April, Devon and Janai (visiting Shell Shacker the past few weeks)!

So with a bit of pre-planning, we got up early Saturday morning and hit the road with a trunk full of Romantic Ingredients: Bocce Balls, candles, wine, a beach blanket, and lots of roses! We even made sure that we played only the best country love songs on our 90 minute drive--just to set the mood! Our mission: to set up the most romantic beach picnic for the afternoon proposal & a beautifully set dinner table at the restaurant where the couple would have their first celebratory dinner that night. To be sure that we were as under-cover as possible, we even removed the license plate frame from my just in case we zoomed by them on the highway.
Our best attempt at being totally inconspicuous!

First stop: Sand Dollar Beach. Located in the rural Big Sur region on picturesque Highway 1. Closest major city over an hour away and no cell service to top it off! This beach was amazing! Beautiful white sand, clear blue waters, a few surfers and a few more good waves, no crowds, a warm sun, and a cool breeze!We scouted out the most romantic tucked corner of the beach and set up a picnic setting that would make any girl melt! Roses, wine on ice, glasses, Bocce ball...and of course...scattered rose petals! Check out the picture:
We finished just in time to escape before the couple arrived. While they spent the next several hours having lunch and getting ENGAGED, we took a nice little break a few miles down at another beach--where we had a little fiesta/siesta of our own--wine coolers, chips & salsa--and plenty of sun!
A few hours before Tim was expected to arrive at Ragged Point Inn for dinner, we went to set up their romantic candle-lit dinner table. We were a little too anxious and arrived WAY before dinner we killed some time just lounging, reading & sipping tea.

By the way, the grounds at Ragged Point are beautiful and such a nice place to just chill--I'll definitely be going back!...we even got to watch a wedding on their lawn. (Ironic, I know). So right before dinner, we set up the table...candles, roses, white table cloth...totally stood out as the VIP table in the restaurant! Though I was slightly tempted to hide in the bushes outside the window of the restaurant...just so I could see Tim & Debra's beaming team kept me in line and we left shortly before the couple would arrive.

Headed home, we hoped all the details fell into place. Later that night, Tim & Debra called with the exciting news of their engagement and the Shell Shackers beamed with the success of our first assisted proposal-- Not to mention the total thrill of seeing our big brother & dear friend, Debra celebrating a new season together! As soon as they got into town, we celebrated with an impromptu champagne toast!

I could not be more happy for both of them! As a little sister who adores her big brother and would have nothing but the best for him--I can earnestly say that he is fortunate to have found a truly quality woman! Debra is definitely the "real deal"and I am really looking forward to having her as a sister-in-law! It has been so neat to see how God has brought Tim & Debra together and it was such a blessing to be a part of their special day!
QUIZ: Which one of the Shell Shackers has had a lifelong dream of hosting the TV show "Perfect Proposals"--all about helping guys arrange their perfect proposals?