Monday, February 19, 2007

I ♥ Central Coast Weekends!

Every week I think that life here can't get any better than it is, but then God blesses me with another amazing and fabulous weekend, and I realize that I was wrong - again! The weekend started on Friday afternoon since Charity had the day off, and it was gorgeous outside - everyone was out cruising on their motorcycles or with the tops down on their cars, so we rode our bikes to a coffeehouse in Pismo to study (okay, Charity tried to study while I distracted her with hilarious Missed Connection stories). But it really started once K-baby rolled into town Friday evening. That night we went to our drinks and appetizer standby, AJ's, then met up with Nate-dawg and Matt at Mongos to see the Damon Castillo Band. After our Saturday morning usual at the Steaming Bean, we took advantage of our 80+ degree weather and packed a picnic lunch and hit the beach. The rest of the Central Coast had the same idea, but we hopped a few tide pools and voila - our very own private, secluded beach!

After a glorious beach day, Charity made an FABULOUS Asian dinner to celebrate Chinese New Year (for the second time!), then we headed over to the Nesper's for Aaron's Poker Night birthday party. Devon's money dance
Despite it being my first real poker game, I made it to the top three! Sunday morning consisted of a refreshing worship time and challenging sermon, and then Kristin, Charity, Sara and I hiked the Shell Beach ridge, where we were once again amazed at the beauty of the area we call home, even with the fog rolling in. Sunday evening everyone came over to the Shell Shack for dessert, and we played guys versus girls Loaded Questions. Between the Hosftee's disputing the musical talent of Neil Diamond, Ben's random answers, and my friends' all-round goofiness, I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard and so much!
Nate, Ben, and Christion getting some romance advice!

Highlights of the weekend:

  • Shell Debaucheryshack - there is no debauchery going on here, just good, clean, Christ-centered fun!
  • Angry Charity at poker
  • watching the Hofstee boys argue two nights in a row
  • great quality time with Kristin - we love you and miss you like a fat kid on a diet misses chocolate cake when you are not here!
  • story time at AJ's
  • FABULOUS weather
  • Aaron losing control over "blaspheme the Holy Spirit"

See all of the weekend pics here:

I realize that this blog is becoming a Shell Shack weekend recap, but between our three crazy busy schedules we barely have time to connect as roommates, much less time for blogging during the week, and we don't have much to blog about aside from our crazy fun weekends. But we do have some exciting events coming up, all in March: Calvary Women's Retreat, Beth Moore/Kay Arthur conference, and my missions trip to El Salvador. So please keep checking back!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year (almost)!

Our friend LT, who is teaching English for the year in China along with our beloved Janai-ster of Blue Seagull and the former Tassa guys of Life in Shanghai, was home this weekend for her Chinese New Year vacation. It was just like old times line dancing with her at the Grad. Saturday we hosted a pasta potluck where pretty much all of SLO-town dropped by to say hi to her. It was so fun to see pictures, get presents, and hear what is going on in her life. The only downside was we missed our Janai, but we know she is having a blast traveling around Thailand and Cambodia this week. But since we missed her so much, here is a picture of her from last's year Murder Mystery Party!

Isn't she so cute and fun?!

The other fun event of the weekend was celebrating Terilee's 25th birthday with a girls' lunch and wine tasting outing at the winery Sara works at, Laetitia .

Mama's got some mad pourin' skills!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Beyond the Ultimate

Yesterday our friend Nate had a bunch of people over to watch the Superbowl, play ping-pong, and soak in his hottub. While I had more fun chatting with people and watching the commercials (the Chevy Carwash one was my favorite), I did find this website really interesting. Both the Colts coach and the Bears coach are Christians and are involved in Athletes in Action, and this website shares their testimony and how their faith impacts all they do. It is really cool, and what an awesome light these guys are for Jesus. (Photo courtesy of Fuzzboard!)