Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dia de Mamacitas

This is a shout out to my MOM!!!

My mom is one-of-a-kind.

She loves me and our family with all she is.

She is a comitted mother in every sense of the word.

She laughs whole-heartedly, is easily amused and especially fun when she gets silly.

Sometimes she worries, but it's just because she cares a lot about the people around her.

She is a natural counselor, especially to my friends who have enjoyed many "kitchen table" conversations with my mom about life, direction and future plans.

She's a woman of faith, leaning on the power of prayer.

She has signature little quirks that are uniquely her making up the way she pronounces certain words (scissors is my fav)...wearing aprons in the car...and not letting different foods touch on her dinner plate.

She's street-smart and very wise, but she also has a childish playful side.

She has the best expressions and can be so animated!

My favorite memories I have of her from when I was a kid is when she would faithfully pray for me & my brothers everyday before we left the house to go to school (she did this Elementary through high school). I also enjoyed when she would read out loud to me when I was really young.

And... of course, I love the smell of her spaghetti sauce!

So cheers MOM! I feel so blessed that God would give me such an amazing MOM!

above: We both tried out a Tandem bike for the first time last weekend! So fun!