Monday, April 7, 2008


3 Numbers: 007
2 Words: James Bond
1 Night: 4.5.08

The cards were stacked in our favor at the Shell Shack Casino & Lounge this weekend! We hosted a James Bond 007 Party on Saturday Night and had a blast! Of course, we had to transform the Shell Shack into a swanky Casino & Lounge with character and class.

We tried to include everything...

from Lighting...

o Martini glass tags...

to a red

and James
Bond himself!

What's the occasion, you ask. ....we've thought about this theme party idea for quite some time; and finally decided we needed no occasion; just one night filled with plenty of Bonds and even more Bond girls.

We were thrilled to have so many VIP's in attendance...

Shell Shackers extend a Special Thanks To...

Dev: Once a Shell Shacker, always a Shell Shacker! What's a party without you?

Tim (aka the BOYFRIEND): YOU ROCK! We owe you a free party set-up at your place! Thanks for your help!

K-Baby: Honorary Shell Shacker. You are fabulous!

Cecily: for the FABULOUS strawberries...and the incredible late night laughs. :)

Sara: for the cinema contribution!

Barnett Family: for all the legit casino decor and games!

Karie, Janelle & Katherine: for being our cheerleaders on the Bond idea.

Brother: for the red carpet

Lori: for the music

Connie: for the Bond Girl photo history

ALL: for coming in style, bringing the party and sharing the incredible appetizers! We are so blessed to have such FUN and amazing friends!!