Saturday, January 12, 2008

End of An Era

Shell Shack Girls......

So I have been inevitably putting off this for a couple of month now...and now I have to admit....I must leave the Shell Shack. As most of you know I got my dream job at Anthropologie as their visual merchandiser. It was a complete answer to prayer after months of trying to figure out what I wanted to do. It sure came with a big cost though..leaving the Shell Shack. The Shell Shack means alot of things to a lot of people. A house where themed parties are held, late night karokees, and many game nights. To me the Shell Shack has nothing to do with the amazing view or good times at game nights, it has everything to do with the true heart of the Shell Shack, in which lies April and Charity, my beloved roommates. To me some of the best memories are late night pillowtalks, dinner on the deck and all around sillyness that comes with the day to day shanagans. These girls mean the world to me, not only have they been my support through hard times but they are my family. It is truly rare to find people in whom you can truly be yourself and they love you no matter what. Now my eyes are overflowing with tears to have to say bye to two of the dearest roommates! I know I am only an hour and a half away but it is in the day to day stuff that I will miss you girls the most!! I just always assumed we would all live together til we got married off..which for us would be a long time and I was excited about that!

Tribute to My Girls

April-- I will miss the dungeon, what can I say there was alot of good times down there. There is noone I would rather share a small bathroom with. Mcdreamy in random hiding spots, getting ready for the grad, Felicity marathons, your sangria, human sexuality 101, a summer of laying out in the backyard-reading people and asking each other if it was ok to have happy hour at 2 in the afternoon!!

Charity- My partner in sillyness, candlelight and spritzers, drives determinded to find the sun, picnics and winetasting in Avila, abnoxiously singing at the top of our lungs on roadtrips, talks regarding matters of the heart and steaming bean dates!

Roomies you know I am not good with goodbyes, so until next roadtrip! Love ya more than words can say.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Have An Elephant

One of the most unique gifts I got this year was an elephant. A real one. Seriously. Okay, so she isn't going to live here at the Shell Shack, but Maggie the Elephant was adopted in honor of the Hawkins family by my aunts Becky and Connie. She used to live at the Alaska Zoo, and she was recently retired, flown to California, and now she lives at PAWS Animal Sanctuary in Galt. Check out Maggie on her webcam!