Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Life Coach

My latest "interest" (i.e. fettish, intrique, obsession) is exploring the idea of being a "Life Coach". I first heard about it in one of my counseling classes a year ago and it's been vying for my attention ever since. It's the latest rage, it's all over the news and it's definitely growing in popularity!

What's a "Life Coach"??? It's someone who coaches/advises you on anything you want--anything from which onions to buy at the grocery store... to where to take your next vacation... to how to make time for your how to be a better friend. Some life coaches have credentials/degrees/experience in counseling or psychology, but others just claim to know how to be good coaches. There is no professional requirement and apparently the population seeking life coaches doesn't necessarily want the oh-so-qualified psychologist, counselor, shrink, priest, or even best friend to tell them what to do. They just want a coach to help them along with those goals in life that seem unattainable--either because they are pushed aside, undefined, forgotten, or flat out ignored!

Get a Life Coach and you basically get to ask for advice on anything you've got on your mind. You pay a pretty penny per hour....but you get a listening ear, practical advice, intentional accountability and supposedly effective results.

So...I realize that I sound a tinge scepticle amidst all of my raving...but I actually LOVE this idea!

My big question: How do I get to BE a life coach?

Call me crazy, but I've already started thinking about my "Life Coach" philosophy of practice:
*Practical Goal-Setting
*Baby Steps (cliche, I know)
*More Reflection
*Accountability/Reflection on attainment of goals
*Celebration of Accomplishments
*Empowerment...who needs a life coach, anyway??? Show people how to get "free" life coaching. (i.e. GOD, Good Friends, Wise Colleagues, Family, books, etc....)

I’m so infatuated with this, I think I might do some more formal research. If YOU hear any news or see any articles on this issue, let me know!

Here’s some interesting links:,1,4946303.column

DISCLAIMER: I love my current job, so this is no indication of a career change...but perhaps a career addition somewhere down the road!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Yours till the Kitchen Sinks

Our kitchen sink fell down. Actually, the garbage disposal rusted and fell and pulled all the pipes down. This happened while the dishwasher was running, which meant that our kitchen floor turned into a swimming pool, and poor Charity was the only one home and had to mop it up. While it is amazing to live in a big house instead of a tiny apartment and have amenties like dishwashers and washers and driers and backyards, one month of living in a house has also taught me that houses are work, and that things fall apart and break down and need replacing, and while I do want to own my own home some day, I am glad it is not at this stage in my life. But, my sink breaking also made me realize that I shouldn't take having a kitchen to cook in and a warm house to come home to for granted, but should be thankful for God's provision.

Friday, January 19, 2007

First Official Shell Shack Post

The new Shell Shack is officially warmed up! Every morning when I see our ocean views I can't believe where I live, and again at each glorious sunset.

The last half of December, since my arrival back in the States, to now, has been a whirlwind of activity, as usual. I was met at the airport by my amazing friends, and we spent a incredible weekend in Orange catching up, chilling at the Romano pad, and a fabulous day at Disneyland, where we complained if we had to wait in line for longer than 2o minutes.

Then it was Christmas with the family, where I got a most unexpected but very fun present: my very own .22 rifle!

Other highlights included a kicked back New Years,
ice skating with friends,and celebrating Devon's 24th birthday with a trip to San Jose to visit the unofficial 4th Shell Shacker, K-Baby,
where we engaged in a ferocious game of blondes versus brunettes bocci ball.
Now that the holiday vacations are over, life is slowing down, and the Shell Shack is enjoying the time to reflect on how blessed we are by our families, friends, and to be at this stage in our lives. So, while there is no actual point to this blog, check back often for updates on our thoughts, theme parties, or whatever else we feel like posting about.