Sunday, September 7, 2008

Summer Days

School is back in session, I have now been a real teacher for two weeks, and summer is officially over. We have been truly remiss in keeping our blog updated, so here is a photo story of some of the highlights of the last weeks of summer.

3 visits to the Mid-State Fair: Once for Colbie Caillat and
John Mayer, once for Still Time, and once for Ozomatli.

A fun week long visit from Janai on her break from China

Lots of beach days!

Concerts in the Plaza!

One last hurrah with Kristin, aka K-Baby, before she headed off to Lithuania!
We heart Wheels of Fun!

Disco Night at Native with Charity's coworkers

More Still Time at the Cliffs!

While I am sad to see the summer end and the seasons change, I am thrilled to be done with my credential and actually working. Teaching is exhausting but exhilarating. I love my students - they are all so energetic, enthusiatic, and just darn cute! I decided not to post any pics of them, but I will (as long as I have energy and time to) share stories about them, so stay tuned.


charox said...

awwww...I love our summers together here. :)
PS: I like our new blog header/logo!!

Holly said...

Exhausting, but exhilarating! Well put! I guess work does bring purpose, but thank God for summers...I'm still in denial about the close of the season :(.

aprilmae said...

Roommie - I am glad you like - I was bored and playing around, but we can change it to anything else. I love our summers too!

Holly - amen about summers! We need a nice long update! Lets schedule a skype date!